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    How many times have you promised to stick to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and fail to follow through. Many people turn to popular fad diets or intense workout routines with little to no success. It's not your fault, let us educate you on how to get your body into a fat burning state and watch the pounds melt away. Welcome to Get Slim Rochester. We have a unique weight loss program complete with a custom meal plan designed to incinerate fat, maintain muscle mass and most importantly keep the weight off. The best part: exercise is purely optional.

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    Our comprehensive approach to weight loss is so unique that you wont believe how easy it is to lose your unwanted body fat. It was formulated by a Swiss doctor along with doctors Michael and John Gerlach. This customized weight loss plan has been used all over the world and we are now bringing it to you Rochester.  Do you want to get started today? Call us today to book an appointment for a Free Comprehensive Body Analysis.