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    Get Slim Rochester is a revolutionary weight loss program designed by doctors Michael and John Gerlach together with a Swiss physician geared to help you lose weight the healthy way. Our meal plans use nutritious whole food that will help you curb cravings and destroy fat cells. You can reach your perfect weight without having to starve yourself or go to the gym. Visit our office in Rochester to begin your transformation today.

    Why Choose Us?

    Dr. Michael Gerlach

    Founder and Weight Loss Coach

    Dr. Michael’s interest in nutrition began when he was still a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1 athlete. As a top level swimmer, he saw how better nutrition lead to better performance in the classroom and in the pool. As he continued his clinical education, learning more about how the human body works and what a great impact the right nutrients have on the body, it fueled his desire to help others live life in health. That is what he wants to share with everyone: his passion to bring out the best in people through proper nutrition.

    Achieve Your Health Goals

    Are you apprehensive about fad diets? We are, too, so we took it upon ourselves to formulate a safe and healthy weight reduction plan. Get Slim Rochester is a doctor supervised weight loss system designed to retrain your metabolism to burn body fat, not muscle or water, so you get real weight loss. If pills, diets, surgeries, or exercise programs did not work for you, then this plan will surely do the trick. Call us today and let us help you achieve your health goals.